Oneida Confederacy Poster

This outstanding design is from a series of posters created by Darelyn Doxtator, which depict each Nation of the Iroquoian Confederacy. The Oneida Poster contains 8  cultural symbols that are of particular significance to the Oneida, incorporated into the design.

  1. The Iroquois Confederacy Belt or Hiawentha Belt – shows the original Five Nations laid out in the order of the ancestral landbase in NY;
  2. Oneida Belt – shows the Nation belt of the Oneidas where the sixth nation Tuscarora, was added under Oneida sponsorship;
  3. Standing Stone – the upright stone that follows the Oneidas and stands near their villages;
  4. Kastowa – the headdress worn by Oneida males, showing two feathers up and one down;
  5. The Tree of Peace – where the peace was formed between the Five Nations who buried their weapons at the base of this tree and the eagle stands guard on top watching for incoming threats to this peace;
  6. Oneida Clans -Wolf clan; Bear, the medicine clan; Turtle depicted supporting a peaceful existence;
  7. Bundle of arrows – signifies the strength of unity where many are stronger than one alone;
  8. The Finger Lakes –  The ancestral homelands of the Iroquois, Oneidas originally from what is now Oshwego/Syracuse area and beyond.

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