Oneida Clans


Onʌyota’a:ká:  Otala’shúha̲

We have three clans that sit together within our nation.  Within these three clans there are actually three Family Clans.  We will introduce the three main clans here.  You are encouraged to research, explore and expand on your own.

Othahyu:ni̲:  translated in English describes the Wolf.  Leadership and guiding the community to live according to the original instructions

Ohkwa:lí  translated into English describes the Bear.  Keepers of medicine knowledge and community wellness

A’no:wál  translated into English describes the Turtle.  In our Creation Story it was the turtle who came forward to provide  his back as the first place for humans to live upon

We are a matrilineal society, meaning that we follow our Mother’s lineage for our clans, and other cultural significances.

Bear clan – Lotiskle:wake’   They are looking after the well being of the Nation

Turtle clan – Lotinya’lu   They are seeing to the needs of their Nation

Wolf clan – Lotikwahʌ’   They are looking after the Nation


Watch some Oneida sign language videos which are uploaded to our YouTube channel

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