Oneida Culture

Tradition is a continuing pattern of culture beliefs or practices that are passed down within a society, still maintained in the present, with origins in the past. Oneida ceremonial speeches, outfits, songs and dances are examples of that. The renewed interest in lacrosse upholds our traditional game and it is both a joy and a medicine to watch, particularly when you see a player using the traditional wooden stick.

What is culture then? Culture is simply everything that we do i.e. the total range of activities and ideas of a group of people with shared traditions, which are transmitted and reinforced by members of the group. Culture is not static, it is dynamic and changing. Consider the history of Oneidas who have raced at Delaware Speedway –  Starting with Ron Sr. in his “Twister 62”; then Spen in #21; Mac in #28, and Gandy always a show stealer in demolition; right up to now where Jesse is the defending track champion. The hill was filled with Oneidas , it was and still is the thing to do on a Friday night for racing fans. This is an example of a cultural practice that is not necessarily linked to Oneida historical tradition.

Oneidas lead vibrant lives which can include a balance of tradition and modern culture.