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Teyakohúhtyaks wʌhni’tatati

freezing ears month - January

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á:se yohslá:te̲

new year

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í:kelhe’ ashuthu kʌ ʌtutasawʌ̲

I thought they start at midnight

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tah só:tsi’ yata’tusahuleni tsi’ niyolé: ashuthu̲

no because it’s not over 'til midnight

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wahsatlʌnayʌna kʌ nén á:se yohslá:te yo’kalau

are you going to church on new year’s eve?

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hʌ ʌkheyuni ki’ nén kheyuhwátʌha

yes, I’m going to make one for my niece

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ʌsatú:ni káti kʌ nén oyá:n kaya’tú:ni̲

are you going to make a doughnut doll?

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hʌ né: ki’ kanutuynúhe̲’

yes, I’m thinking about it

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satunya:ne’ kʌ nén oyá:n

are you going to make doughnuts?

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what time is it?