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he is healthy

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he is fat

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new baby

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kʌ’ nú:kwa hetshátleha̲’

here is your grandson

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Hʌ: wakí kiwah nʌ’ne: tekawistake’ ne: nikanol̲u̲

Yes I have some, it costs $2.00

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Ok’nén onʌ́ste’ yunyá:tu

what about corn chips?

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Hʌ: skawistat tsya:tak níwashʌ kwenis nikanol̲u̲

Yes, it costs $1.70

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Ok’nén teyonutatkitslale’shuha’ sáyʌ: kʌ nʌ’ne:

what about candy? do you have some?

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Hʌ: waknatala yʌ’ ki ahsʌ nikahwistake’ nikanol̲u̲’

Yes I have bread $3.00 is what it costs

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sáyʌ: kʌ kanatalok aukuhní:nu̲’

Have you got bread? I would buy it.