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3. Hʌ́: nʌki’ yohyáli̲

Yes the berries are ripe

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4. Wé:ni kwi: ʌyolhʌne’ ni: ʌkahyakha I:sʌ takatahyalihte̲’

I guess I will go and pick berries tomorrow so I can have some berries too.

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5. I:kelhe’ sʌ tohka nikanutotslake akwistokwanʌste’ ok’ni’i:se̲’

I want to freeze a few boxes, what about you?

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6. Yah ki' ni: teyukwáyʌ kawisto’kwanʌsta̲ Wé:ni kwi: ʌkatá:yalihte’ ni’ i:

we don't have a freezer, so I have to can mine

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7. Kʌtyohkwanʌ kyu’utewí:ne latiwisto’kwanʌsta tsyok nahohte̲

I guess a lot of people freeze almost anything

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i lost my card (paper)

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yotóktani: akhyatuhsehli̲

it expired (my card)

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a:sé usaskhuni

make me a new one

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tewakatuhutsyoní status card

I need my status card