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6 Hʌ né: ki’ kanutunyúhe̲’

yes, I’m thinking about it.

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5 Ok nén wihsu ʌsatayalíte’ kʌ nʌ né:

what about the plums, are you going to can them?

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4 Hao’ ki’wah tho’nʌ ʌtyatayálite̲’

ok then we will can it.

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3 Hao’ kwi tyahyaka tsi’ tkalutote’ nén e:lí̲

come, lets get the fruit from the cherry tree.

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2 Tah yah kwi te’wakanúhte̲

no, I didn’t know

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1 Sanúhte’ kʌ tsi’ lutitslunyatha’ nén tekanʌ’takwʌhtʌ̲

do you know that they make tea from cedar?

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white birch