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giving thanks

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5. Yʌhʌshawe’ kʌ onu’usláko yetsistalakhwa̲’

Are you going to take a pumpkin lantern?

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4. Hʌ wé:ne kwi laskan akwʌnya’ ʌkatse̲’

Yes I’m going to put on a skeleton costume.

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3. Ʌsahste’ kʌ yohtlut akwʌnya’

Are you going to wear a scary costume?

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2. Nʌ ki’ ya’kahewe’ nén ahalihwahsahw̲ʌ̲

It is now time to tell of the male responsibility.

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1. Nʌ ki’ kanana’kene nʌ ya’kahewe’ ahutekhwaló:loke̲’

It is now fall or the start of the male season and it is time to have a feast.

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ahsʌ niwashʌ uska

thirty first