wp lesson 3

What is Her/His Name?

Náhte’ né: yutatyáts   what’s her name?


Lillian yutatyáts aknulha   Lillian is my mothers name.


_____ né : yutatyats   Her name is ____.


náhte’ né: luwayáts   what’s his name?


Joseph luwa:yáts lake’niha̲   Joseph is my fathers name.


_____ né: luwayats    His name is ____.


  • At last weeks Speakers meeting, a discussion about the term kuwa:yáts and its usage happened.
  • Kuwa:yáts is used as a term of endearment by the speakers of Oneida here in this community that we live in, when referring to female family members.
  • Yutátyats is used for those females outside of close family relationships.
  • Linguistic form known as Zoic when kuwa:yáts is used to refer to an animal eg. cat, pet, or inanimate eg. car.