Oneida Language Proficiency

Oneida Language in the Workplace – introduction

This Oneida Language Proficiency Course is designed to produce conversant speakers of Oneida. The “I Can Do” method used is the result of researching best practices from around the world, combined with the Community Strategic Plan for Oneida Language. This is an action oriented approach where target language is presented in small chunks with lots of opportunity for repetition and follow up activities to ensure success in learning.

Scenario based language is practiced using commonly used phrases the same way that the fluent speakers would speak to each other in everyday Oneida life. A fluent speaker has been recorded for learners to access the mp3 audio directly in each lesson, for at least 3x repetition.

Here you will find all practice phrases which you can repeat as many times as needed by simply clicking on the sound icon. You will also find links to the Quizlet Set & relevant videos for each lesson, at the bottom of the page.


Oneida Language Proficiency – Teacher Training Fall 2017

Student Feedback at Week 3


Student Feedback Week 8

Please see the Levels of Proficiency chart below, Oneida version with explanation by Tom Porter.