48 Lessons

The numbered order in the 48 Lessons does not imply a beginning or ending point. Learners are welcome to begin at any lesson that is of interest to them.  Please note:  Oneida users/viewers our website may contain image/audio/video recordings of persons or family who are no longer with us.

March – Lesson 9

March is the "Month of Split Days".

The theme for this month is trees and clans.

New Words

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soft maple tree

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black ash tree

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white ash tree

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beech tree

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white birch tree

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evergreen tree

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basswood tree

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hickory tree

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maple tree

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blue birch tree

Let’s Talk

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1_Náhte’ na’kalutotʌ nén oshes khále’ onutakehli’ tsi’ nitkúnese̲’

What kind of tree does the syrup and sugar come from?

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2_Tho kwi né: newé:ne tsi’ wahta̲’

it is obvious its the maple tree

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3_Náhte’ káti’ né: na’kalutotʌ’ nén yuta’aslunyata̲’

What kind of tree do you make baskets with?

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4_Yah káti’ kʌ kahuwé:ya̲:

Isn’t it the black ash?

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5_Náhte’ káti’ né: na’kalutotʌ twalutota’ nʌ wʌhnislowá:n

What kind of tree do we put up at the big day or christmas?

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6_Wé:ne kwi ohnéhta̲’

I guess it is the evergreen

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7_Waksohkwalukóna ki’ tsi’ tkalutote’ nen onú:kala̲’

I am going to gather nuts at the hickory tree