48 Lessons

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November – Lesson 42

November is "Giving Thanks Month".

The theme for this month is Thanksgiving, weather and hunting.

New Words

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There is snow on the ground.

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wild animal

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They are hunting.

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Clouds are coming.

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Snow is coming.

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Cold (weather) is coming.

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It is slippery.

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They are ice pellets.

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Snowing off and on.

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cold wind

Let’s Talk

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1. Lutó:lats kʌ nén kʌ’nitotiyʌsah

Are the young men hunting?

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2. Hʌ wahutolatha’ kih

Yes, they are going hunting.

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3. Nʌ kʌ tayotholati

Is it getting cold?

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4. Hʌ tsi’ ki’ niyowelahwistu̲

Yes, the wind is really cold.

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5. Wé:ne tsi’ yota’klókwʌ

I think it’s snowing.

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6. Hʌ wé:ne kih tsi’ tyohkwislu yota’klokwʌ

yes, I think it is snowing quite hard.

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7. Lute: kwi tekahwistáne’ sʌ

They say it is also going to be icy.