48 Lessons

The numbered order in the 48 Lessons does not imply a beginning or ending point. Learners are welcome to begin at any lesson that is of interest to them.  Please note:  Oneida users/viewers our website may contain image/audio/video recordings of persons or family who are no longer with us.

January – Lesson 4

January is "Freezing Ears Month".

The theme for this month is time.

New Words

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Ka’i:kʌ wʌhnisláte̲


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Kaló: ʌti

Before noon

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One Day

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Two Days

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What time is it?

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Tsha’tewahsʌnʌ yotukóhtu uska

One thirty

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Tshi’ thetʌ shuha̲

Any past days

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Uska niyohwistá:e

One o’clock

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Let’s Talk

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1. To:niyohwistá:e kanuhsesne wáhs

What time are you going to the longhouse

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2. Tat nu’úwa’ uska niyohwistá:e ʌkahtʌ́:ti̲

Maybe I will leave at one o'clock

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3. Ok ni’í:se̲

How about you?

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4. Ikehlhe’ ki’ ʌtyní:kale’ ni: akatʌ:ti̲

I want to leave at noon

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5. Tó: niwʌhnisláke ʌhutliwatʌtyete’ nén tsha’tekohse’lhʌ̲

How many days will they have midwinter?

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6. Ikehlhe’ teklu’ kʌ ní: wʌhnisláke̲

I think it is eight days