Oneida Language Part 1 2014

Congratulations to all participants who successfully completed last summer’s Oneida Language Part 1 course in July! We wish to encourage all of you to practice what you learned and encourage others to learn with you. Even if you try to learn and use 1 or 2 new words and phrases per week  this will add up over time.


Congratulations to all participants who completed last year’s Oneida Language Part 2 course!

class pic edited for website

We wish to acknowledge all the hard work and dedication of these Oneida Language students. With 50 applicants registered for this course, that is 50 people who can continue to share the knowledge they have learned and encourage other Oneida’s to continue learning and speaking our language. We must all try to speak and practice daily whatever level of Oneida language you have.

In the near future we will be introducing a new section or page of our website dedicated to our Language Apprentice’s who wish to share what they have learned with the world. Written Oneida stories, presentations and videos. Past students we welcome your input and if you wish to share a story or other Oneida Language project please let us know.

2012 class

class of 2012