About Us

OLCC practitioners work diligently to keep our language vibrant. Methods research is geared toward producing speakers who are equipped to use Oneida in their everyday lives in their homes, in their neighbourhoods and in our community.

The Oneida Language Committee formed around 1981 to respond to a growing demand for Oneida language instruction and to begin development of language resource materials. Initially the community organization was mainly self-supporting through volunteer fund raising which later was supplemented by a modest Pathways grant. In 1990, the Oneida  and Council made an agreement which allowed the Language Committee the use of the premises formerly known as Oneida No. 3 School for as long as there is an Oneida Language Program. This agreement was nullified when OLCC became a program under Council’s administration shortly thereafter. This one room schoolhouse was built in the late 1800’s and creaks with age.

The image above shows our new building at 2207 Elm Ave. (downtown Oneida behind the firehall)