Master Speakers

The Master Speakers are an integral part of the program at Oneida Language and Cultural Centre.  As seasoned mother tongue speakers, they provide accurate Oneida Language input and recorded pronunciation of the target phrases in our curricula. Their shared lived experience also contributes to the production of culturally authentic stories and anecdotes that are documented in our media resources.  The Master Speakers have rolled out a succession plan to ensure that there are proficient Oneida speakers to sit around our table for years to come.

 Click here to read an article published in the December 7 edition of the London Free Press, featuring Freda John, one of our master speakers

See also a *New Section called “Toh tohs Corner” which features Oneida language majority videos.


If you click on the individual speakers picture you will go to their own page where you can watch their original video messages and also listen to their 2016 New Years message!